The Story


Noah was a renowned research scientist for the government. That is, until he started doing unauthorised tests that had undesirable outcomes. Stripped of his position, the government exiled Noah to the wilderness and removed his existence from their records. In his denial, Noah threw himself into his work and set up a makeshift laboratory and began new research. Using his amazingly still active government passwords, Noah began using satellite imagery to analyse the Earth’s changing climate.

As time went on, Noah was consumed by his work. Some would say he had lost his mind, he preferred to think of it as training his mind for greatness. Unable to continue his work alone and unable to recruit other scientists, Noah began to train the local monkeys. At first, the monkeys were reluctant. Noah eventually won over their loyalty with food, particularly gherkins, monkeys love gherkins. They began to perform the more menial and repetitive tasks and Noah’s research progressed rapidly.

Noah’s research reached a critical point and the truth became blatantly obvious. The world was soon to be consumed by rising oceans. Realising his obligation to protect the species of the world, Noah began plans to rescue the animals and take them to safety. Leaving his monkeys to organise transport, Noah embarks on a risky mission to acquire the different species he would need to succeed.

In-game Story

On his first outing to the jungle close to his place of exile, Noah catches only a few animals. While still a success, his efforts were almost thwarted by what appeared to by a band of park rangers. Eluding capture, Noah escapes back to his laboratory. It was now obvious that he would need to acquire greater technology and tactics to continue his mission.

Noah’s monkeys began surprising him with new weapons, tools and upgrades to his truck. With these new items, Noah began travelling further to capture more animals. He visited the banks of the river and the sparse savannah, capturing many more animals on his way. It was not easy though; the rangers were getting wise to his actions and began sending reinforcements. It seemed they were smarter than Noah first thought.


Eventually, Noah slipped up and unwittingly led a group of Rangers right to his lab. Sending for reinforcements, eventually the lab was surrounded. They attempted to bargain for the release of the animals however Noah was steadfast in his decision. As the rangers began to take offensive action, Noah’s monkeys jumped into action, setting off a chain of events that would tilt the scales in Noah’s favour. The laboratory begins to open up towards the skies and emerging from the structure, is a space ship. The monkeys had indeed been busy. The animals were already onboard and Noah was climbing in. As the space ship takes off, the rangers were left in the dust… left to wait for the waters to rise and their most likely deaths.

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